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American or Malaysian???? July 18, 2009

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Sa was born in US so that makes her an American citizen. We decided to keep it that waywhen we came back. She is in the process of getting her Malaysian PR. Recently she and i had a conversation of type of schools since her class teacher had moved on to teach at a government school. She asked me what does a government school mean? I explained to her what it was along with private and international. Then she said she wants to go to an international school. I said “No, not till you are in high school because we want you to be more Malaysian first”. Of course her reply was ” Mum, i’m an American, don’t try to “Malaysianize” me”…..sigh. Sometimes i forget she is an American first.


Another week….

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It has been a long week with proposals and proposals for mummy and poor little girl was neglected a little bit. Good thing my mum was over for a visit. Sa loves it when her maternal grandma is here. She gets to play with her and the best part for her  is no afternoon nap.

We decided to take her for Harry Potter on Friday eve. We were not sure if we should take her after reading the review for it. It’s more for older kids. She enjoyed the rest of  the Harry Potter series very much. We took her, she enjoyed it but not so much. Two pee breaks during the show was not fun. She clapped when the movie was over and said “let’s get home now!!!!”.

I do need to meet a client tomorrow morning. Then, we are off to the art class at One U. She hasn’t gone for it in a long time so it should be fun for her.

So glad to hear she is doing well in her mandarin class. The teacher has said she should be able to catch with the older kids soon. Now, the only other thing to worry is her Bahasa!!!!!


~~~~~Bookworm~~~~~ July 14, 2009

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I’m taking a short break from working on a proposal for a client. I wish i could vent out loud about my work but i have to keep it professional. I do have a blog on my work but i try to keep it away from here, just in case i do swear here and there.

My little monkey loves to read. We have books, books, books everywhere in our condo. Every night she has to go through 5-6 books before she falls asleep. Is that bad? I’m wondering if we will go broke buying her books. I’m thinking of taking her to the “books to rent” place in SS2.

Over the past weekend we went to Bumbu Bali in Puchong. It was a nice place with good food. This is what the bookworm was doing there….



What a tough little cookie!!!

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Just an update on my cousin’s daughter. The shaft insertion went ok but the doctors found out the tumor is cancerous. They did the surgery and removed the tumor. She is still considered a serious case as they believe the tumor will grow and spread again. She has been referred to the cancer ward now and has to go for those check ups. Through all this, she has been one tough girl. The doctors had informed the parents prior to the surgery that she will never speak again due to the tumor being close to the nerve of speech (something like that). Of course after the surgery she wakes up and tells her mum “let’s go home mum”….STUPID DOCTORS!!!!! Why couldn’t they just say there is a possibilityshe won’t won’t speak and not say it’s for sure. There were a few other silly things/comments mentioned by the doctors. Let’s not get into it.

Atleast for now, she is ok and gets to spend some good precious time with her family.



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My dear friend’s dad passed away last Wednesday. It was quite sudden. The doctor had given him more time but i guess God decides. Attended the wake on fri evening.


What a sick Family? June 29, 2009

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Sa’s Daddy was sick once. Then Sa was sick. Mummy was trying to be strong, it didn’t work… mummy was sick too. Then Sa was sick again followed by mummy in a few days. Thank god it’s not H1N1.

I had a first time experience of  a so called “emergency” (counting blessings in my heart). On Sunday morning at 1230am Sa was tossing and turning and moaning in pain. When i aked her what’s wrong, she said “mummy, we really have to go to the doctor”. I was shocked because Sa hates going to doctors. We have been lucky that we hardly have to visit the doctor for her. I asked her what’s wrong and she said it was her ears. I knew then it was an ear infection. We were not really sure where to go at that hour. She regular doc is obviously closed at that hour.  We took her to the nearby centre and got her drops. Poor baby girl was still in some pain that morning after having the drops. As expected she did skip on school today…..

She was looking forward to school and was sad she had to miss it. According to her, they were to have a “Naruto” meeting at school with her team……sigh……


Sad news!!!

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Over the past 2 weeks, i received 2 sad news. One of my dearest friend is losing her father to liver cancer. It was very heartbreaking to hear it. After meeting her, i’m glad she is hanging in there better than i expected. Then just over the past weekend I was informed my cousin’s daughter is suffering from hydrocephalus and brain tumor. It is just sad to see any child go through so much. The doctors have inserted the “shunt” I believe what it’s called (did my own research on it). It’ll be a permanent type. The surgery for the brain tumor is on Thursday. I visited them yesterday but I don’t think there are enough words to comfort my cousin. I’m praying for the best…